Beatrice is a German photographer with focus on fashion and beauty. With her ability to establish a feeling of trust and safety between her and the people in front of her camera she is able to produce images that are powerful and somewhat intimate at the same time.

On set she manages to keep track of things even in stressful situations and to establish a relaxed atmosphere. Thus all team members can relax and concentrate on their profession to achieve the best possible results.

Her work is authentic and clean always with a distinct elegance to it – no matter whether it’s fashion, beauty, portraits, stills or moving images.

Beatrice is currently residing in Frankfurt, Germany which is the perfect starting point for traveling to her clients around the world. She is fluent in German, English and French.


Clients & Publications

Unique/Adlysh, Ameron Hotels, Incentive!cashmere, Buchwald Jewelry, Spatz Hutdesign, Nanna Geller Jewelry, Angela Miklas, Brachmann, Jones Lang Lassalle, Falkensteg, numerodeux, Neima Sitawi

Elle Arabia, Elle Bulgaria, Elle Kazakhstan, l’Officiel Arabia, l’Officiel Lithuania, l’Officiel Austria, Cosmopolitan Bulgaria, Flanelle Magazine, Huf Magazine, Dreamingless Magazine, InStyle Germany, Kitz Journal, Shanghai Times